A almost 50-years-old guy who has always loved to see on small scale what technology and the human mind have invented across the centuries with this site tries to impress the young generations with something that recalls the beauty of the past.

Almost 50 years ago I began with AIRFIX, FROG and HELLER stickers, sticking together with glue and paint what (thanks to the few tips I received) I was able to buy in a shop in Milan, located near Porta Venezia. My first attempts in miniature mounting gave me disappointments (a lot) and satisfaction (just a little bit) as I put a great effort but I could rarely have a real picture of the vehicles (car, plane or whatever it was) to use as reference.


Aircrafts were definitively my favorites and my first miniatures began to show up on the fornitures of my living room. But then I went much further than that: I got the pilot license.


Car races were really part of my DNA, especially after I saw (sitting in the central stand of Monza) Regazzoni’s Ferrari winning the GP in 1970.

Then I was forced to put my hobby and my Tuesday ritual readings of Autosprint a bit aside because of my job and my family, especially after Fabrizio was born. But when my baby boy grew up he became really fond of the 1/43 cars filling the showcases with die-Cast cars. 

His passion for cars was such that the market didn’t have enough proposals to offer to him. By chance I discovered the 1/43 cars miniature-mounting kit. A lot of small producers (offering a lot of miniature cars that the big industries didn’t want to produce) had really a wide offer for a car-mounting fan.

Obviously I was forced to abandon for a while my passion (the aircrafts) to teach my son the model-car-assembling, which was not so “painful” in the end thanks to my great interest for the car races.

I became with time a big fan of this model-car-world and I completely forgot of the aircrafts.

Nowadays, after my retirement, I have plenty of time and I take advantage of the new technologies to put at everyone disposal, especially the young people, all my experience for something that gives great passion and emotions. 

It is possible to ask information on the models shown in the gallery and also to propose exchanges.


Just for information I put a section dedicated to the handcraft producers with the only intent to give visibility to the producers of any model or the ones that produced it in the past, showing also information about the races performed, the pilots of those cars.

The “DO IT YOURSELF” section gives the possibility of sharing the experiences (how to mount a car, how to choose and how to display it) to get better results.

I thank grateful my wife Isabella who patiently visited with me museums, shops and markets around Europe and who always supported me.

I dedicate this site also to my son Fabrizio who helped me a lot to gain more and more experience on this subject. Now that the baby Daniele is born, who knows what they will discover together!!

A great thanks also to Marco, who gave me precious help and hints to build this site.











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